What We Do: In Schools

Teaching the importance of good nutrition and improving school food

Through nutrition education and healthy food environments, schools can impart life-long skills for healthy eating and give our children a healthy start in life.

The Food Trust's team of nutrition educators and farm to school specialists teach the importance of good nutrition and physical activity to children, their parents/caregivers and their teachers. The Food Trust encourages youth to become actively engaged in leadership activities promoting the importance of healthy lifestyles; introduces children to fresh, nutritious, locally grown food in the cafeteria and classroom; and provides training and technical assistance to school districts and producers to make it easier to provide those healthy options. Our school and recreation center programs strive to help people make healthy food choices. A study published in Pediatrics found that this comprehensive approach to school programming reduced the incidence of childhood obesity by 50 percent.


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Growing Healthy Communities: The Food Trust's Approach to Nutrition Education

Through a community-based approach to nutrition education and healthy food environments, The Food Trust’s PEACH (People Eating and Cooking Healthy) program works to improve food access and teach lifelong skills in lower-income communities, empowering SNAP-eligible individuals, families, schools and communities to live a healthy life.

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Healthy School Toolkit

Starting in 2001, The Food Trust, Temple University and the CDC convened a citywide Comprehensive School Nutrition Policy Task Force to develop and evaluate programs to fight obesity among urban youth. This Toolkit was written to share our successes with other schools, parents, policymakers and community groups who are interested in improving the school environment to help prevent childhood obesity.


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