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Working with individuals and organizations to put community health first

The issue

Almost half of adults in Southeast Pennsylvania, many living below the poverty line, don't consume the recommended amounts of fruits and vegetables each day. Many of these adults are also overweight or obese, and many suffer from other diet-related diseases, such as diabetes and heart disease.

Lack of access to healthy, affordable foods and a lack of information on choosing a healthy diet are major contributors to these diet-related diseases.

But we can change that.

The Food Trust Solution

At the Individual Level:

The Food Trust offers nutrition education and free, healthy two-hour cooking workshops for adults at over 150 sites, including libraries, churches, YMCAs, schools and community sites in Philadelphia, Norristown, Lansdowne, Chester, Reading and the Lehigh Valley, as well as after-school and summer programs for youth in recreation centers, churches and community sites.

These SNAP-Ed-funded cooking and nutrition education workshops, a component of Project P.E.A.C.H. (People Eating and Cooking Healthy), empower adults and youth living in lower-income communities with the tools and knowledge needed to make healthier eating choices on a limited budget and lead more physically active lifestyles. Through cooking, eating together, sharing recipes and ideas for healthier eating and being physically active, participants change their shopping, preparation methods and food choices to be healthier.

At the Community Level:

The Food Trust works in communities with the greatest need for healthy food access and nutrition information. In recent years, we have focused more deeply in target neighborhoods to bring more concentrated, comprehensive programming, leading to positive impacts for residents. With recognition that despite desires to collaborate, there’s not often time or capacity to partner. There is space at the table for anyone doing, or interested in engaging in, food-related work to improve community health.

The Food Trust hopes to increase the collective capacity and maximize existing resources to help communities meet their own goals. As we gather and listen to diverse voices, we know ideas will emerge. Through this collaboration, we hope to provide a platform for those doing food-related work to come together to identify goals, needs and assets and to discuss ways that by working together we can find solutions.

The goal is to bring together those who focus on food to align and be better poised to support efforts that impact community health. We will also incorporate partners who work on other social determinants of health such as housing, transportation, addiction/recovery, employment and mental health. For the greatest impact we need to have a comprehensive approach to the work.

Our Areas of Focus

SNAP-Ed Nutrition Education for Adults and Families

Harrowgate/Kensington/Fairhill (Philadelphia)

Western Pennsylvania


Nutrition Ed Brochure Cover

Growing Healthy Communities: The Food Trust's Approach to Nutrition Education

Through a community-based approach to nutrition education and healthy food environments, The Food Trust’s PEACH (People Eating and Cooking Healthy) program works to improve food access and teach lifelong skills in lower-income communities, empowering SNAP-eligible individuals, families, schools and communities to live a healthy life.


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