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The Food Trust’s internship program provides bright, motivated and talented individuals an opportunity to support our work to increase access to affordable, nutritious food and nutrition education in the communities that need it most. The Food Trust welcomes interns as integral members of our agency and prizes the time, energy, skills, and commitment they bring to our collective effort by participating in the implementation of our various programs.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the process of applying for an internship?

If you're looking to intern with us, the first step is to email us at . You will be sent an Internship Application, which you will need to complete and send back along with your resume and a cover letter.

If your interests and availability match the program needs of a department, our Volunteer and Intern Coordinator will help you schedule an interview to discuss the opportunity further.

2. When do internship placements begin?

Typically, internships revolve around an academic schedule, since many of our interns are undergraduate or graduate students. However, we do accept applications on a rolling basis, and we bring on interns throughout the entire year, since our program needs don’t always align with an academic schedule. Please plan carefully and submit your application with ample time for our Volunteer and Intern Coordinator to review.

3. Does The Food Trust offer paid internships or housing benefits?

The Food Trust does not offer any paid internships or housing benefits to interns. Please note that our office is located in Philadelphia, PA.

4. Are internships only open to undergraduate or graduate students?

Many of our interns are students fulfilling a requirement for their degree or program. Nonetheless, we do accept and appreciate non-student interns. These individuals are referred to as “long-term” volunteers rather than interns, because they are not seeking academic credit for their time at The Food Trust. If you’re interested in becoming a long-term volunteer, email us at 

5. Typically, how many hours a week are required to fulfill an internship?

Interns typically spend 10-15 hours a week at The Food Trust. We accept full-time interns (40 hours per week) as well. The timeframe for the internship is dependent upon the intern’s academic requirements, schedule and the needs of the department that they’re placed with.

6. How long do internships last?

Most internships last 3-6 months. However, The Food Trust does host interns for shorter and longer periods as well.

7. How many weeks will it take to hear back about the status of my application?

After you submit your entire application (resume, cover letter and application form), it generally takes 6-8 weeks to hear back on the status of your application.

8. Which programs at The Food Trust host interns?

Almost every program or department at The Food Trust welcomes interns. Please let us know if you have interest in a particular area, whether its nutrition education, policy, healthy food retail, communications, development, night markets, etc. 

9. Is it possible for an internship placement to turn into a full-time job?

Interns enter into their internship agreement with the full understanding that no regular employment opportunities are promised or expected at the conclusion of the internship. However, internships are a great way to gain professional experience and get your foot in the door here at The Food Trust. Many of our staff have started out as volunteers or interns. If you think you’ll be a great fit, we hope you .

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