For the past 30 years, The Food Trust has worked to ensure that everyone has access to affordable, nutritious food and information to make healthy decisions. With the onboarding of President & CEO Mark Edwards in late 2020, we embarked on a deeply participatory strategic planning process that engaged our entire staff and our Board of Directors, as well as myriad external stakeholders. 

The culminating plan, which centers evidence-based programs, community engagement and policy advocacy, will chart our future direction for the next five years, and guide us as we carry out our new mission. 

Our strategic plan includes six key priorities that will allow the organization to work collaboratively on the local and national level to effect change, spark innovation, and strengthen infrastructures across programs and departments. By focusing on programspartnerships and policy, we can work toward our shared vision for a more equitable society, where nutritious food is abundant, people of all backgrounds are nourished and prosperous, and communities are thriving.

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